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Mission Board

The Mission Board is a public listing of bounties and objectives that can be taken up and completed by members of the regiment as scheduled guild events. The purpose for this concept is to provide ideas for members who seek leadership opportunity but do not know what subject matter or plot-lines to design their events around. Missions posted on the mission board may be thorough or vague in their description. It is up to the member who takes up a mission to lead it as they see fit within the bounds of the guild rules and in-character protocol.

Note: This page was last updated on 9/23/2017.

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Members may submit mission ideas to the Mission Board Forum. In order to be considered a valid mission, the description should include the following:

  • A descriptive mission title.
  • The event category or categories this mission would fall under.
  • A description of the plot of the event that would be known in-character. Details that would not be known in-character should not be in the in-character mission description.
  • Any requirements for the mission, such as the need for a priest or mage to be present.
  • A vague list of out-of-character details that could affect the mission. Do not give away any crucial plot details as facts. These could be in the form of questions. For example: “What if gnolls showed up?”
  • A map of the general area in-game where the mission would occur. The map may be notated or drawn on to specify where objectives would be. For example, you could post a map of Elwynn Forest with a red x drawn where the objective lies.
A Mission Template & Sample Mission are posted on the Mission Board Forum.

While any member of the rank Private or higher may host an event from the mission board and act as its Dungeon Master, a higher ranking member will be required for in-character command and leadership. If your character holds the rank of Private, you are required to seek permission from an officer of the guild to host the event as specified on the mission board. If a mission is specific to a certain division, you should seek permission to host it from the accountable division leader. If permission is granted, you may post an in-game calendar event for that mission!