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he First Regiment is made up of several sub-organizations that encompass the major role-playing themes found within the Kingdom of Stormwind. Whether your character is a rogue, knight, priest or wizard, we hope to provide a unique niche where you can have fun and fulfilling role-play in which your character's skills are utilized to their fullest.

These sub-organizations, or Divisions will be listed below with links to further information. Some divisions and orders have special requirements that must be met before your character can join.

The first regiment's wide range of roles, divisions and ranks can be confusing and intimidating to new recruits. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the guild's divisions or roles, contact the guildmaster with a Website Message or in-game!

This listing may be updated or changed as deemed necessary by the Lord-Marshal and officers of the regiment to fit the needs of the guild.

f a character is a human, dwarf, gnome, or high elf, and seeks to enlist in the Royal Army, they are typically given one of the following Military Roles at the rank of Recruit, based on their combat preference:

  • Armsman, if they are fit for melee combat and can wear leather or mail armor.
  • Archer, if they are fit for missile combat with bows or crossbows.
  • Medic, if they are fit for healing or medicine.
  • Battlemage, if they are fit for arcane magical combat.

Members of the regiment who take on military roles follow the guild's military Ranking System by default. After completing their basic training and attending several guild events, recruits are deemed eligible to be promoted to the rank of Private.

Ranking Privates and above can complete additional training programs or trials in pursuit of prestigious roles in the other divisions of the guild. Each Prestige Role in the guild will have different requirements or trials to complete before a character can adopt it and join its associated division.

ot every character who joins the regiment seeks to or is eligible to role-play in a military capacity. In these cases, members are assigned to Support Roles that complement and assist the military aspects of role-play and are given the rank of Attendant. A non-combatant character will be placed into one of the following divisions in a role based on their skill set:

Those in supporting roles do not gain rank as typical soldiers do, but progress through long-term participation, exemplary behavior, and leadership of events that reflect their supporting role.

If a member in a support role stands out amongst their peers as a creative and compelling writer who is worthy of leadership, they may be appointed to the Lord's Council at the guild leader's discretion.

he Primary Divisions of the First Regiment of the Elwynn Brigade are outlined below. Any who are eligible to join these divisions may take on an associated Role as their primary position in the first regiment.

The Prestige Divisions of the First Regiment are divisions that characters may join as progression from their associated Primary Divisions. As mentioned above, some of these divisions may require certain tasks or examinations before a character is invited into their ranks. Prestige Roles are offered in these divisions that grant improved equipment and prestige amongst the ranks. Prestige Divisions will be listed below the Primary Divisions that they stem from.

More information on each of these divisions and their associated roles can be found in each of the links below. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the guild's divisions or roles, contact the guildmaster with a Website Message or in-game!

Royal Army

The Army of the Kingdom of Stormwind, commonly known as the Stormwind Army or Royal Army, is comprised of the various infantry, missile and artillery troops that are sworn to the House of Wrynn. In the decades that have passed since the army was decimated during the Orcish Wars, the Stormwind Army has refurbished its ranks and stands as one of the most powerful armed forces in the world. The First Regiment is one of the most prestegious units of the army and is based in Westbrook Garrison as part of the Elwynn Brigade.

  • Brotherhood of the Horse
  • The Brotherhood of the Horse is the official knighted order of the Kingdom of Stormwind and is staunchly loyal to the royal family. Knights of the brotherhood are some of the finest cavalrymen in Azeroth; seasoned warriors who ride armored destriers specifically bred for battle. The Westridge Cavaliers are the branch of the brotherhood that are equipped by the House of Montclair.

  • Westridge Ducal Guard
  • The Westridge Ducal Guard is the division of elite soldiers of the regiment who have earned their place amongst its vanguard. Its veteran infantrymen and missile troops are outfitted with the best arms and armor that the Duchy of Westridge has to offer. Its members are given the distinctive honor and duty of defending the Lord-Marshal and his family both in war and peace.

  • Bridgeport Fusiliers
  • Pioneers of new blackpowder technology, the Bridgeport Fusiliers take their name from the arms foundry in the port-city of Bridgeport where their weapons are manufactured. Riflemen, architects, mechanics, explosives experts and siegesmiths all contribute to building and utilizing fortifications and weapons of war while researching innovative ways to destroy enemy targets.

Priory of Westridge

Subject to the greater Diocese of Stormwind, the Priory of Westridge is the Church of the Holy Light’s arm in the duchy of the same name. The priory has a storied history in the realm of Stormwind and has provided healers and battle-clerics to the royal army for generations. Those interested in becoming harbingers of their faith may take on trials to become fully ordained priests of the clergy. Although the priory follows the will of the Bishop of Stormwind and that of his holiness, Archbishop Alonsus Secundus, it enjoys relative autonomy from the politics of the kingdom's capital.

  • Order of Saint Isaac
  • So named for Saint Issac Degaullier, the Holy Order of Saint Isaac is a knighted order of paladins that strive to exemplify the values of the church while bringing swift retribution to the wicked and relief to the infirm. Aspirants of the order must take on several trials that test their resolve and adherence to the order’s values before they are recognized as Paladin Knights. Despite claiming homage to the Order of the Silver Hand, the Order of Saint Isaac is sworn to serve the Diocese of Stormwind under the Priory of Westridge.

Mage Circle of Sarceline

The Mage Circle of Sarceline is the primary authority in matters arcane within the Duchy of Westridge. It supplies the duchy and its men-at-arms with powerful enchantments and wards while some of its mages take up magical arms on the field of battle as spellswords and battle magi. Doubling as a center for magical research, the circle has published countless papers on the nature of the arcane that have benefited mages across all of Azeroth. The circle is ultimately administered by the elder magi of the Wizard’s Sanctum in Stormwind City.

  • Cabal of the Burning Sword
  • The Cabal of the Burning Sword is a secretive order of mages amongst the Sarceline mage circle that have devoted themselves fully to mastering the art of arcane warfare. Donning arms and armor forged with ancient reagents and imbued with fortifying enchantments, cabalists are terrors of the battlefield. While some claim that their power is derived from magics forbidden by the elder magi of the capital, none may doubt the fear that cabalists strike in their enemies.

Rangers of Mirwood

Often referred to as the “Watchers in the Woods,” the Rangers of Mirwood are known throughout the realm for their skills in archery, reconnaissance, and tracking. While the Rangers strive to maintain the natural balance of the forest and the greater Duchy, they also serve as the eyes and ears of the Duke and his military officers. They are the unseen guardians of the realm, adept at silent information gathering and observation. Masters of stealth and infiltration, Rangers are rumored to simply disappear and reappear at will. Whatever the truth, one thing is certain - they are always watching.

  • Druid Circle of Oakhall
  • As practicing the druidic arts gained acceptance in the Kingdom of Stormwind following the Cataclysm, several human and worgen druids banded together to serve the kingdom in what is now known as the Druid Circle of Oakhall. The druids of Oakhall manipulate nature and draw power from the moon and sun to ravage their enemies and heal their allies.

Stormwind Auxiliary

It is well known that an army marches on its stomach. The Stormwind Auxiliary in service to the royal army ensures that the kingdom’s soldiers are well-equipped and fed wherever they may deploy. Cooks, craftsmen and porters all make up the infrastructure that forges and repairs equipment, feeds the troops and transports essential supplies across Azeroth and beyond. While most members of the Auxiliary are not expected to participate in military drills, they are often called into battle as militia to supplement the army's forces. Many do their part proudly as subjects of the realm, marching alongside the royal army to far-flung battlefields.

  • Stormwind Medical Corps
  • No war can be fought without injury. The Stormwind Medical Corps strives to stem the tide of the wounded through practice of herbal remedies, magical healing, and traditional medicine. Medics and Healers of the Medical Corps swear by oath to tend to any injured they come across regardless of faction or allegiance while rationing their supplies with respect to military triage.