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he First Regiment employs a customized D20 System loosely based on the concepts present in tabletop role-playing games. While we do not have literal dice to play with on a tabletop, World of Warcraft offers a built-in “/roll” feature in its chat interface that generates a random number in a specified range. We utilize this feature in our events in an attempt to offer immersive, chance-based action in the World of Warcraft setting.

Each player character will have an associated set of attributes and abilities that they may use during events presented using this system. These will be outlined throughout this guide.

Good luck, and King’s Honor!

Note: This page was last updated on 2/25/2017. The current version is 4.1. Launch Date: January 1st, 2017.

All characters begin with 5 health. Your character’s Health is the indicator of how resistant your character is to being knocked out or incapacitated. A character’s maximum health may be increased through leveling up one’s Stamina. Health lost to damage is restored through healing abilities and after events.

Your character’s Armor is a buffer that takes damage before your character begins to lose health. While Health can be restored during combat, Armor that is lost cannot be replenished during an event.

Health and Armor total together to create your Hit Points.

Standard Roll
Your character’s Standard Roll is the range of your character’s performance in a fight. The default Standard Roll is “/roll 20”.

Target Roll
On occasion, the event leader will specify that players should make a Target Roll when fighting powerful creatures. Abilities may or may not be able to be used at DM discretion.
The default Target Roll is “roll /20”.

Environmental Roll

When facing hostile terrain, weather, or damaging environments, the event leader may call for an Environment Roll. Abilities may or may not be able to be used at DM discretion. The default Environmental Roll is “/roll 20”.

Diplomacy Roll
When a player attempts to persuade a character to do something, the event leader may call for a Diplomacy Roll. Abilities are never able to be used though bonuses and penalties may be awarded at DM discretion. The default Diplomacy Roll is “roll 20”.

Perception Roll
If there is something to be discovered or noticed in the current environment, the event leader may call for a Perception Roll. Abilities are never able to be used though bonuses and penalties may be awarded at DM discretion. Successful rolls are determined by a given threshold or highest roll. The default Perception Roll is “/roll 20”.

Knowledge Roll
If there is useful information that one of the characters might know, the event leader may call for a Knowledge Roll. Abilities are never able to be used though bonuses and penalties may be awarded at DM discretion. Successful rolls are determined by a given threshold of highest roll. The default Knowledge Roll is “/roll 20”.

Every character begins with 3 Stat Points (SP) which are used to purchase bonus Character Stats. Character Stats provide enhancements to various aspects of your performance. Each point costs 1 Stat Point. May not spend more than 3 Stat Points per Character Stat.

As you level you will gain Ability Points (AP) which are used to purchase active Abilities. Abilities cost 1 Ability Point.

As you level you will gain Perk Points (PP) which are used to purchase passive Perks. Perks cost 1 Perk Point.

Talents are powerful abilities which are exclusive with other talents and prestige talents and may be purchased for 1 Ability Point or 1 Perk Point. A character may not purchase more than one Talent and they may not be chosen until Level 5.

Membership in certain Divisions allows purchase of Prestige Talents. Must be member of the indicated Division to purchase Prestige Talents. Prestige Talents are exclusive with other Prestige Talents and regular Talents.

Skills may be used by any character for which it is appropriate in addition to above at no cost.

As your character gains Merits and Commendations from attending and leading events, these may be added together as Experience. For every 10 experience points your character earns, they may Level Up. The maximum level a character may achieve is 12, with a total of 120 Experience.

As a player serves the Army, they will accrue both payment and additional reward for participating in valid operations in which they are awarded merits or commendations. Monthly base pay, knightly stipend and the prestige bonus are granted on the first of every month. Merit and Commendation awards are granted immediately after an officer has approved the report for which they were given. The payment chart may be located here. Each player is responsible for keeping track of his or her own finances. The second half of the Character Sheet (found below in Step 10) assists the player in doing so. Any player who utilizes the Item system must have a public character sheet on the guild forum.

There are two types of items available to players. Campaign Items are free and awarded to a character at DM discretion for plotline purposes or reward. These items vary wildly in use and expire at the end of their associated event or event series; if you are unsure if your Campaign Item is still valid, consult the DM from whom it was acquired. Purchased Items may be acquired from the Quartermaster's Store for a fee. Purchased Items may be kept indefinitely until used. Any character may only possess up to 3 items of each type at any one time. If additional items of either type are acquired, the player must discard one.

Honesty Policy: Like all activities within The First Regiment, the item system is not a right but a privilege. Those caught maliciously cheating by reusing single-use items, buying items which they cannot afford, falsely adding currency or in any other way, will have their privilege to use the item system suspended. Repeat offenders may be dealt with more harshly at officer discretion.

The following charts will hopefully assist you in creating a character sheet from your character’s applicable attributes, abilities, perks, talents, and skills! These charts may be located here.

Q: I have a question, or I would like to provide feedback. How do I do that?

A: Please send Ismond a Website Message and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: Can I take more than 3 damage?

A: No! Any roll of 0 or less is always -3 HP!

Q: Can I KO more than 3 targets, or deal more than 3 damage?

A: No! Any roll of 25 or greater will result in +3 KOs or damage. The only exceptions to this rule include the abilities Barrage, Furor and Overcharge.

Q: I have lost Armor and someone has attempted to heal me. What is my new total?

A: Lost armor cannot be restored during an event.

Q: How many ways are there to use the Medic ability?

A: The Medic ability can be utilized by anyone who is able to conjure a reasonable explanation for restoring health such as medicine, magical healing, or arcane boons such as barriers.

Q: Is there a character sheet available to help me keep track of everything?

A: Yes! It can be located in the Additional Readings section below. Please feel free to print it, or copy it to your own Google Docs drive or computer, as often as you need! It's not mandatory, but it's here for you if it will help you.

Q: This edition is a little long. Is there a simpler version of this page?

A: There sure is. You can view a condensed version on the Forum Post.

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